We had a whirlwind trip in Denver this past weekend. I am just amazed with this city. We all really enjoyed our time there and learned a lot. We've had a few discussions about what we learned while we were there but I'm sure we still have much more to unpack.
We're so thankful for Brad and Haley Hovis who took the time to show us around the city and let us stay in their home. Also, Joe Beckler gave us a tour and really took the time to minister to us. What a blessing!
Denver is such a unique city. It's really a place where the urban life meets the outdoors life. The weather was gorgeous. By the time the afternoon rolled around we were peeling off our coats and enjoying the warm sun.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers. It truly was an amazing trip and I can hardly believe that we will be moving to this wonderful city in one year, Lord willing.
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