Phone Conversations

I don't particularly enjoy talking on the phone.
I avoid it as much as possible. I would much rather text/facebook/tweet/e-mail than talk on the phone. I'm not really sure what it is. Phone calls just feel so awkward. Kinda like this.

But there are a few people in my life (who live far away) who are just not really into the "internet world." This is a fine choice. I can understand not wanting to read blogs or waste time on facebook or figure out how the heck twitter works. I get it. So for these privileged few (really, it's like, three people) I will pick up the phone and have an actual verbal conversation.

And you know what? I feel so blessed after hanging up. These phone conversations warm my soul. I love catching up on chisme, hearing about what God is doing in their life, updating them on our Soma progress. I love these phone conversations. I love these friends. And it's a blessing that they remember me and call me and still include me in their lives...even if I'm far away.

Thanks, friends.

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