My Weekend in iPhone Photos

We had a great weekend in the Acevedo household.

Friday I babysat for handsome little Baby Crane. He is just as precious as can be.
I also found evidence of Fall outside. Leaves are changing colors. Hoorah!
Aaand Alex came home with a new toy...the Canon 60D. It's stinkin' beautiful. I love it...but haven't gotten to play with it much because it's permanently glued to Alex's hands. ;-)
[By the way, we're selling our Canon Rebel XTi, let me know if you're interested!]

Saturday we had a garage sale. Not gonna lie, we didn't make much money...but that's okay. It was fun hanging out with friends.
I helped set up for a baby shower at Pregnancy Support Services in the afternoon, hung out with Jaxon for a bit, and then drove to Durham for a night of fun with Pilar. We tried the Indian food truck and it was really delicious. I wasn't expecting it to be so tasty but it was definitely legit. We also hung out at her house, walked to a local coffee shop for some chai, had wonderful conversation, and went to the MotorCo to watch the Love Language and a couple other bands. The Love Language put on a great show and I was diggin' the venue. You should check out a show there if you get the chance.

Sunday we sold our bed so we're now sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Let me tell you, I don't hate it. We also took Jaxon on a walk to Kroger, they were having a good ol' fashioned Southern fish fry. Delicious! The proceeds were going to help needy families, so Alex and I split a plate and everyone gushed over how cute Jaxon is. :-)
That evening we had a Soma meeting where Bryan did some teaching on how discipleship happens best in community.
And then we had a delicious rotisserie chicken and duck dinner at the Riddles. We also watched Pulp Fiction. That movie never gets old.

How was your weekend?

*all photos taken with my iPhone. 

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