November Update

How cute are these "I-love-my-hometown" prints from Etsy???

I would love to have one for Miami and one for Denver...the two cities that I love. Both have a dear place in my heart.

And here's a little update on how we're doing, since people keep asking. :-)

  • We are under contract with a cute little home in Denver. Closing date is December 1st. That's not much time to get everything done! Inspections, appraisals, repairs, negotiations..bahh! Pray that everything gets done on time. It's hard not being there to oversee how everything goes, but we have a great realtor who is a huge help. 
  • This Sunday The Summit's N. Raleigh campus will be hosting Soma Church Vision Day. Free lunch and childcare for all who attend, just RSVP here. It's going to be grand.
  • In a little over three weeks we'll be in Miami with our family and friends! How excited am I to see my loved ones?! Very. 
That's really all the major stuff going on. In the meanwhile I'm trying to keep calm and remember that God is in control of each and every detail of this move. It's not going to be fact, this move is inconvenient, expensive, and nerve-racking...but God ordained this long before we even knew this was a possibility. How's everyone else doing?

Kristel Acevedo7 Comments