Soma Prayer Cards

I wanted to share our Soma prayer cards with all of you.
We are so thankful for all the love and support we have received so far in our journey with Soma. We have really felt your prayers and seen God working throughout this whole process. So we wanted everyone to have a tangible reminder to continue praying for the Soma team because we sure do need it.

One of Alex's co-workers was kind enough to shoot the photo for us and Alex added all the text, etc. When I get my hands on some of these I'll be sure to pass them along to whoever might want one. Again, thank you for your prayers and please keep on praying for us!

[click to enlarge]

P.S. Here's a little blurb about us on the Summit's blog.

P.P.S. On a totally unrelated note you have to check out the sweet video Alex made for Steph and Danny's wedding.

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