Knaus Berry Farm

One of the things I miss most about Miami is Knaus Berry Farm.

You can pick your own strawberries, which is fun, but the best part is all the delicious baked goods and sweets that they have. They're famous for their cinnamon rolls and milk shakes. 

Well, today Merari and I decided to head out and look for good photo shoot locations. She has an engagement session coming up soon and wanted a forrest-y type place to shoot at. Unfortunately, Miami is really lacking in the forrest-y department so we headed towards the Homestead/Redlands area. Surely we'd find some nature there. We ended up finding one good place buuut then we got distracted by the famous Knaus Berry Farm. 

We didn't even take any photos because we were too busy stuffing our faces with chocolate ice cream and milkshake goodness. 

So here are a couple photos from wayyy back in 2007:

And here are a couple photos from a trip back in 2008, Merari still loves that ice cream ;-):

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