Living Life in Miami

We've been in Miami for about five days now and it's been fun. Alex started working at the Apple Store at Dadeland Mall yesterday (thank God that he has the opportunity to work while we're here so we don't go broke!) and he likes it there. I even got to visit him at work with Steph, he looks so cute when he's being a professional Apple employee. ;-)

We've been able to visit with friends, go to church, and eat lots of good food. I love my grandmother's cooking! I'm trying to convince her to move in with us in Denver. She's amazing. 

I'm excited about the rest of our time here, there are so many exciting things going on: weddings, babies, concerts, Christmas! I'm thankful to spend this time with family and friends before we make the big move out west. 

By the way, pray for our home buying process...we've run into a few frustrating obstacles and I really want to throw something at somebody...but there's nothing to throw and nobody to throw it at. :-)

I hope everyone's December is fun so far. 

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