Sirens and Sealions

I have some really talented friends. I'm always amazed by the creative things my friends come up with. I try to highlight projects that friends are working on in order to raise support for them. They deserve it.

Today I wanted to talk about Sirens and Sealions, a local band in Miami, FL. I know some of their members and have always been impressed with their musical talent as well as other artistic endeavors.

Sirens and Sealions recently released one of their songs on iTunes (just search Sirens and Sealions), I bought it and haven't stopped listening to it! If I had any kind of musical/vocal/instrumental talent I would want to be in a band that sounds just like this. Johanna and Chanti have amazing voices and I am so proud of the guitar player and all-around awesome musician that Nick has become. And, um, Gerry has a cool haircut...I guess. ;-) This is really a great sounding I am strongly encouraging you to buy this song! You will love it, I promise.

And if you want to keep up with Sirens and Sealions here are the links to their:

Here's a video of them performing live:

Okay, now seriously, go buy their single and enjoy. :-)

Photo by: NBPhotographix (more talented friends...and they just had their first baby a couple days ago, congrats!)

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