Check your statements!

If you follow my tweets (and if you don't, why the heck not?), you know that Alex and I are 100% out of debt. Thank God! It feels great not to have that burden on our shoulders. We're working now on building up our savings account and getting our budget in order.

The other night we were looking through our credit card statements and we noticed that we've been getting charged $17.95 every month for almost a year now for some place called "MVQ SHOPESSPLUS." Neither one of us recognized what this was for. I googled the name of the place and figured out it was a scam. So I called them up. I told them I had never signed up for any shopping program and had never authorized any charges to my credit card. They terminated my account and agreed to give me a refund on last month's charge...but I've been getting charged for almost a year! That's over $100. So I said that wasn't good enough and they eventually agreed to refund me for every charge they had made to my account since the beginning. I also called my credit card company and requested a different account number, just in case.

So the lesson of the story is, check your statements! Comb through every transaction and if something looks suspicious, ask questions. I'm not sure how these people got my credit card number, but I've heard they're somehow connected with, which I have used several times in the past.

Anyway, I hope they really refund all my money, I'll keep following up with them until they do!