fashion bloggers

I love it.
I may not be the most fashionable girl out there...but I can certainly appreciate a great-looking outfit. Lately I've been drawing a lot of inspiration from some amazing fashion bloggers. I like these girls because their blogs are not ALL about parading in pretty clothes...there's more to them. Here are a few of my favorite fashion bloggers:

Kendi Everyday

This girl is hilarious. I love all the witty commentary that goes into each blog post. She's fun and makes dressing it up in a small town look easy. Her style is classic and effortless, but she still takes some colorful risks. I would definitely wear every single outfit she's ever posted. Also, all her images are gorgeous thanks to her photog husband. Alex has been taking some pointers. ;-)

Jen Loves Kev

Jen is an artist and fashionista. I like all the different 'Style Files' she posts, as well as her posts on other topics, like 'Last Night's Dinner' and 'I'd Wear That.' She and her husband are silly in love, it's cute to see. Also, she's pregnant now and it's great seeing a pregnant lady work it instead of reverting to baggy t-shirts and sweat pants. There's hope!

Keiko Lynn

This gorgeous girl lives in New York but she's from Florida. She's a thrift queen and has her own clothing line. Her style is so interesting and feminine with a touch of vintage. I love all the dresses she wears...definitely inspires me to ditch the jeans that are a part of my daily uniform. She also does great make up, something I'm not good at, at all.