As a graduation gift my parents took us to Washington D.C.
Alex and I had never been before, so it was a real treat to be able to experience this city with my family. We did all the regular touristy things...monuments, museums, botanical gardens. We also got the chance to wait one hour in line at Georgetown Cupcake (so worth it) and visit with my dad's sister and her family (they have six amazing children...I loved getting to know them).
We also got to experience Rolling Thunder. I have never seen so many bikers in one place in all my life! It was interesting.
Oh, and best of all we were able to visit Restoration Church. This is a church plant that's less than a year old being led by two SEBTS graduates. It was so encouraging to see them doing what we will hopefully be doing next year. They're doing great work in D.C. Please be in prayer for this young church and give if you are able.

On Monday Alex and I drove back home to Raleigh. We stopped in Richmond and had lunch in Carytown to celebrate our two year anniversary. It was deeelicious. Carytown is a really quirky place, we'll definitely have to go back and spend more time there.

Thanks mom and dad for a great trip! It was so awesome getting to spend time with you in D.C. <3

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