Fall Collections

It's been unbearably hot around here the past few weeks. Temps have even reached triple digits. Putting clothes on, blow drying your hair, and putting make up on are just chores now. Even if I wear skirts and tank tops I still feel like I'm melting, but I can't very well walk around naked. I'm pretty sure there's a law against that.

And so I am looking ahead to a wonderful fall season. I think fall has really become my favorite. Ever since we experienced our first fall in 2008 I can't get enough of the crisp cool air, the colorful leaves, and the layers of clothes I get to wear.

I don't think I'll be able to buy anything new to wear for this fall (we're saving up for our move to Denver in January!) but I can get inspired by these amazing Fall Collections and do some wardrobe remixing to achieve similar looks. [By the way no one is better at wardrobe remixing than the Clothes Horse]

Here are a few of my favorite Fall 2010 Collections:

Kate Spade:

There's a reason I chose Kate Spade frames when I got new glasses. I love this label...even though I've never owned anything by Kate Spade (except my glasses of course). The colors are so fresh and fun. I love the idea of wearing bold colors in the fall.

Orla Kiely is the very definition of adorable. When they did a line for Target I snagged four cute plates and cups (husband would not allow me to buy more...which is for the best I suppose, I might have gone overboard). I think their Autumn/Winter collection is so refined and sophisticated. And the colors are definitely very autumn-y. 

Lauren Moffatt:

I'd never heard of Lauren Moffatt before but when I saw this collection I swooned. It's fashion perfection. I'm a sucker for the dresses and tights combo...and those little knit hats are adorable.


This is another designer I had never heard of (I'm really not up to date on fashion designers...I kind of just like what I like). But I saw this collection and fell in love with all the colorful patterns. Patterns are a great way to make an otherwise boring outfit interesting.

Is anyone else looking forward to fall?

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