being a one-car family

Around the beginning of this year Alex and I sold his beloved VW GTI. It was starting to have some mechanical issues and we owed a bunch of money on it. We just couldn't afford to keep it without going into some major debt. So we sold it, paid off our debt (hallelujah), and have been surviving on my trusty Honda Civic ever since. It really hasn't been so bad. In the beginning it was easy because the only places I ever had to go were school (which Alex could easily drop me off at) and work (I carpooled with a co-worker). I was happy with our decision.

Lately it's been getting tougher. The way our schedules have worked out I often have to drop off Alex at work and pick him up later. Let me tell you, after living without rush hour for two years it's tough being dropped back into the middle of it again. Spending so many hours in the car drives me crazy. And then there are days when we both need the car and one of us (usually me) is stranded. The other day I was so frustrated with our situation that I sent out a tweet into the twittersphere expressing my frustration. My amazing friend, Brigitte, responded with, "The inconvenience goes away eventually. We've been one year with one car! We love it. Waking up early and stopping what I'm doing to pick Tom up can get annoying, but we get a weekly date night with our savings!" And they live in Miami (in case you didn't in Miami with one car is almost unheard of). I thought about it and she is so right. I realized I was being selfish and wanting everything to be easy. I wanted to commute five minutes to work and not a minute more. I wanted to be able to jump in the car whenever I wanted and go where ever I wanted without giving it a second thought. And yes, it's nice to be able to do those things. But it's also pretty nice that we no longer have $6,000 of debt looming over our heads. And it's nice to spend time in the car together on the long drive home...talking and listening to Mark Driscoll sermons (we're learning about Genesis right now). And it's nice to know that I have friends who are willing to give me a ride to work or the grocery store when they are able to. And sometimes it's nice being stranded at home. I get to cuddle with Jaxon and catch up on my house cleaning. 

So yes, the benefits far outweigh the inconveniences. And being a one-car family isn't so bad. 

(here's a shot of us in our wedding day car - love that MiniCooper)