If you weren't already aware, I LOVED Hanson while I was growing up.
It all started in middle school for me. I just fell in love with the music and the boys (especially Zac).
I was a loyal fan. I had all the CD's, my walls were plastered with their posters, I never missed a television appearance... Okay, maybe I was just a little obsessed.
My dad even drove me and a couple of my friends to Ft. Lauderdale to one of their concerts. Pretty much one of the most exciting moments of my life...even if our seats were all the way in the back. I also went to another one of their concerts a couple years later with another friend. Again, very exciting!

Over the years I moved on, I didn't keep up with their new music. The posters came down, the t-shirts were given away, and I have no idea where all my CD's went. But then Alex and I were at an OK Go show a couple of months ago at the Lincoln Theater in downtown Raleigh and I saw a poster advertising an upcoming Hanson concert with opening band Rooney!
Well, I just HAD to get tickets. I called up m'girl, Kat and we were ready. My friend Megan Desko (who helped me with these cookies, remember?) also wanted to come (Hanson Lovers, Unite!). So last Saturday night we got in my car and headed to the grand Lincoln Theater.

[Side note: Poor Megan forgot her ticket at home, but my iPhone 4 saved the day...she was able to pull up the e-mail with the PDF of the ticket and show it at the door...another reason I love my iPhone 4!]

Rooney was a great opening act. I really enjoyed their set. I don't think they had a bad song in the bunch. Alex was bummed when he heard Rooney was the opening band because he really likes them. Ohhh well, sorry, babe!

Then Hanson came on and it really was so exciting! I couldn't believe how many people were there. As a Hanson fan you always feel like you're the only weirdo in the world that likes them...but there were a lot more people at the show than I expected there to be. And it really is too bad that they have such a bad rep. They get made fun of a lot and people think they're dumb...but they're honestly great musicians. I was impressed with their vocals and musicianship. They all have great sounding voices and have improved so much on their instruments. They've been in the game for 15 years now and they're still going strong. Impressive if you ask me. They really are more than just MmmBop. So maybe you should give 'em a listen. You may be pleasantly surprised. ;-)

The show was great and I realized I may not be crazy over them anymore (I've got my hot husband to go crazy over), but I still love the music and I will continue to be a fan. Who's coming to the next Hanson concert with me?!?

And here's a little MmmBop for you...because I don't care what anyone says, it's a great song. ;-)