Summit CD Release Party

This Friday our church will be hosting a CD release party for Sam Fisher's new record. Alex and I love Sam and his family. They're great people and Sam is such a talented musician and the newest worship leader for the Summit's Cole Mill campus. We're excited for this new record. I've already heard some of the songs and they are great! You can listen to a little sneak preview right here.

You should really come out to the Summit's Brier Creek campus tomorrow night at 7:30pm for the party. And if you've got kids, no excuses! Childcare will be provided. Also, Alex will be playing on stage with Sam and some other Summit's going to be grand! I love seeing Alex play music, it's kinda the reason I married him. ;-)

And if you're looking for other fun stuff to do in the RDU this weekend you have to check out SparkCon. It's a wonderful free event being held all weekend long in downtown Raleigh. There's art, music, fashion, food, etc etc etc. We went to our first SparkCon in 2008, the year we moved to Raleigh. And here are some pictures from last year's SparkCon. Alex and I are planning on enjoying the event on let us know if you want to hang out.

I also wanted to say thank you for prayers and kind words concerning Alex's uncle. They are greatly appreciated. Alex was able to be with his family this week to comfort them and is on his way home today. I can't wait to see my wonderful husband and I'm proud of him for stepping up to be there for his family.

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