Jenny & Johnny

It's no secret that Jenny Lewis is one of my all-time favorite artists. She is just fantastic.
Alex took me to see her when she passed through Cat's Cradle last summer promoting her solo record, Acid Tongue. Well, she came back to Cat's Cradle last night, this time promoting her latest collaboration record with her boyfriend, Johnny. [Jenny and Johnny...cute]

Again, the show was amazing. She never disappoints. I loved all the new music they played..everyone in the band is so talented! And, of course, they played some of her solo tunes as well. It was a great great night. I'm glad Alex took me. And I'm glad Pilar came along and brought her friend, Lindsey. These girls are fantastic and I'm sure we'll be seeing more shows together in my short time left here in NC. (Love Language?!)

Here are the photos taken by my amazing husband:

The best part is that we got to meet her after the show. Dream come true! She was absolutely fabulous.

Random: Kirsten Dunst must be dating the drummer because she came on stage for the last song and they were very huggy. Can you spot her in the pictures? 

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