Weekly Belly Photos - Ideas & Inspiration

My belly hasn't popped yet. I suspect I'll be like my friend, Michelle, and I won't start showing until about halfway through my pregnancy. But I'm already thinking about taking weekly photos to document the belly growth. I always think it's so neat to see the changes pregnant women go through even on a weekly basis. I love seeing that belly grow and thinking about how much that baby is developing inside.

Anyway, that being said, I would really like to do something fun and creative with my weekly belly photos but I'm a little stumped for ideas. By far, my favorite belly series has been this one from Pacing the Panic Room. The images are so beautiful. The concept is simple really. It's just the mama standing in front of a white background, but you can't deny the quality and beauty of the photographs. And the video the guy made with all the photos is darling. 

The same guy did another belly series for a friend which I thought was pretty clever. This one followed the mama-to-be on a walk along a pretty sidewalk in her neighborhood. The whole slideshow viewed together is pretty sweet. 

So I'd like to do something simple and beautiful but I'm not sure what yet. Any creative ideas out there that you'd be willing to share? Maybe I'm over thinking it but I'd like to hear about any ideas are out there before I settle on what exactly we'll be doing. 

[all photos via pacing the panic room]

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