Liam's First Snow

Denver weather is crazy. On Monday it was 80 degrees with sunny skies and on Wednesday we got our first snow of the season! It's mostly melted away by now and it's supposed to be in the 60s on Halloween.

Anyway, it was fun to introduce Liam to the snow. Alex had to go to work, but my friend, Shannon, came over and took a few pictures of Liam in the snow. I realized quickly that we're going to have to get him some more snow-appropriate clothing. Maybe a one-piece snow suit that covers his hands and feet...and some moccassin-type shoes to keep his little toes warm.

Anyway, here are the photos of Liam experiencing his first snow! Thanks for the photos, Shannon.

"Uhh, mom, what's going on here? What's all this white stuff?"

Chillin' in the snow.

View from above. Those shoes were way too big and kept falling off.

What a cute little eskimo. 

"Okay mom, let's get inside, it's cold out here!"

Kristel Acevedo2 Comments