christmas traditions

I've mentioned before that I would like to start some fun family traditions now that Liam is in the picture. I want him to have special memories of the holidays. So I've been thinking about what we could do for Christmas...and I'm at a loss! Alex and I started doing stocking stuffers since we got married, which is fun because neither one of us grew up with stockings as a part of our Christmases. I like filling up his stocking with cute inexpensive gifts. So that's something we will continue to do with Liam (and Jaxon of course!). And then I read on that they do not want to get a bunch of useless gifts for their son so every year they give him something to read, something to wear, and something to play with. I love that idea because I don't want Liam just getting a bunch of toys for Christmas. I would like him to grow up loving books the way I did and a practical (or just fun) clothing item is nice to get too. So Alex and I have decided that's something we would like to establish with Liam and any future children.

But what else? Any other fun Christmas traditions out there? I'd like to continue my family's tradition of staying up until midnight on Christmas Eve to open gifts (as opposed to waking up early on Christmas morning) and I'm not sure how I feel about Santa Claus. I'm certainly not anti-Santa, but I just don't see him as a necessary part of Christmas. I don't remember believing in Santa growing up. My parents always said our gifts were brought by el niñito Dios. So we'll see where we go with that one. We'll probably take him to get his photo taken with Santa this year...just for fun. :-)

What fun Christmas traditions do you have in your family? Any suggestions for the Acevedos?

By the way, it's snowing today! Happy December to all!

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