sleep training?

Well, Liam's sleeping has been getting worse and worse. He wakes up frequently throughout the night and it's not always because he's hungry. Sometimes he just doesn't feel like sleeping, I guess. We've been trying to be consistent with a bedtime routine and for about a week we've been successfully getting him to bed before 8 o'clock with no fussing...except for last night. He was not wanting to go to sleep. And when he finally went to sleep he kept waking up every two hours like clock work. ::SIGH::

I'm wondering if we should do some sleep training...maybe try transferring him to his crib to sleep at night. Here's the thing...I'm not into the "cry it out" method. I'd like to try a gentler approach. I will only resort to "cry it out" if absolutely necessary. I'm also not going to start him on cereal until six months of age. I know a lot of people say to give your baby cereal at night to make him sleep longer...but I've read that this is a myth. Is it? Either way, our pediatrician suggests exclusive breastfeeding for six months and I am in full agreement.

I'm not expecting him to sleep 12 hours straight right away. The fact of the matter is that he is exclusively breastfed and that means he digests his milk faster than formula, which means he gets hungry sooner. I'm okay with a night feeding or two until he starts solids but this is getting ridiculous. I know he's not always waking up because he's hungry.

So let me hear it, mamas and papas. How have you helped your little one sleep better at night? I'm so nervous about doing any kind of sleep training...but I need my rest! Thanks, friends.

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Such an angel when he's actually asleep. ;-)

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