Guest Blog: Don't Let Awkward Family Christmas Photos Happen to You!

While I'm off enjoying vacation time with my family I have a few guest bloggers lined up to share their Christmas themed posts with you. First up is my dear friend, Merari. She's a talented photographer based in Miami, FL but she loves to travel. You should definitely book her to shoot your next big event...especially if it's an exotic destination wedding.

It's that time of year again. Sleighbells ring, snow is glistening, Starbucks has fancy flavored coffee. yay! It's also that time when everyone sends family photo christmas cards to loved ones. They're kinda like the cool, short version of old-school family newsletters: "Dear ____, this is what we look like this year! Merry Christmas! Love, us"

I've had the comedic pleasure of seeing some incredibly horrible family photos.

Need I say more? Now these are all lovely, loving families who have had horrible pictures happen to them.


Don't let that happen to you!

I'm here to share some important awkward-saving tips for your own Christmas family portraits.

Tip #1. As a professional photographer, I may be biased on this one, but I can attest to the investment of hiring a professional.

Do you research and hire someone you can trust to capture your family in a genuine way. I know the Holidays are money-spending days, but it's worth it. No one ever regrets hiring someone awesome to take pictures of their family. If you don't know any photographers, ask friends, or use Google, Facebook and even Pinterest to find a photographer whose style you like and personality you click with.

Tip #2. The days of matching Christmas sweater vests are over! Unless you're into their ironic hipster use, it's best to steer clear. Wear something comfortable and flattering. If you're feeling awkward, it will show. If you'd like to be coordinated, you can have a color palette and pick outfits based on that. It'll look great in pictures! You can even get creative and bring some props.

For example, Rey, Lauren and Zoe did a primary color palette and added balloons. Very cute and un-awkward!

Tip #3. Have fun! If you're feeling awkward and self-conscious, it will show. If your kids are not into posing, it's okay! This is why you got a professional who can work around them and get great candids.

We've all had embarrassing, awkward photos taken of us (I had to pay my mom to stop showing them to friends). With these few tips, you can leave those days behind and make your loved ones unashamed of putting your Christmas card on the fridge.