Guest Blog: Christmas Decor DIY

While I'm enjoying vacation time I lined up some guest bloggers to share their Christmas themed posts with you. Today we have Megan sharing all about some great Christmas decorating tips. I always love the way Megan decorates her house for all the different seasons and holidays. It's definitely inspired me to decorate my own home. Enjoy!

When Kristel asked me to guest blog for her, I immediately had the idea of sharing all of my pictures of Liam. Sure, they aren't the same quality as Alex and Kristel's pictures of their sweet guy but who wouldn't want to see more pictures of Liam?? Is he not absolutely adorable? I figured it would be best to refrain from doing that, so instead I will share some of my own tips for doing Christmas decorations on a budget.

-Try to use what you already own and then incorporate cheap Christmas goodies. For this idea I used a white appetizer plate, votive candles, and candy canes. I already had the votive candles (from showers that I have thrown) and the white appetizer plate came with my dishes. The candy canes are the cheap Christmas goody that I'm talking about here. Candy canes are pretty cheap at around $2 for 2 dozen or so. This is true decorating on a budget people! Candy and candles -Another cheap Christmas item that you can decorate with is Christmas ornaments. I would pick a color scheme and run with it! Some people love silver and white together and some people like non-traditional colors together like pinks and greens and I really like plain old red and green together. Most craft stores will have their ornament sets for 50% off at some point before Christmas so it's a good idea to stock up when there is a sale. I have seen people decorate with lots of ornaments in one vase (like I did) or several small vases with a single ornament in each one. There are lots of directions you could go with this but decorating with ornaments is pretty budget friendly.

Merry Christmas -Stock up on ornaments and stick them in whatever type vases or bowls that you have. Goodwill is a great place to find vases and jars of all sizes.
Computer Hope
-Know what else is cheap and really Christmasy looking?? Bows! I just carried my color scheme right on over when I picked out my bows. I found a bag of bows for $3.50. I threw about 30 or so candy canes in the other apothecary jar so that was probably another $4 or so.Computer Hope

-Decorate with cranberries! I bought 2 bags of cranberries ($5 total) and threw them in these hurricane jars with candles. These are on my dining room table.


Computer Hope


-If you choose to stay on budget with the majority of your items then you can splurge a little bit on a few things-I chose these kitchen towels and pillow. I would figure out what you want to splurge on and plan around that if you are decorating for the first time. If you decorate with candy canes and cranberries, you might not feel so bad about spending a little extra on a couple of things : )Computer Hope Computer Hope

I absolute love decorating for Christmas but even more than that I love staying under budget when I decorate. So, figure out the colors that you like and run with it! You can easily have a very Christmasy looking home for the holidays without having to spend a ton of money. Thanks for reading! Head on over to Our Little Urban Life and say Hi! I'd love to hear from you! And just because I can't help myself, here is a picture of Liam I took when I was babysitting. He's just too cute for me to not include a picture.