Guest Blog: Christmas DIY Gifts

While I'm off enjoying vacation I lined up some guest bloggers to share their Christmas themed posts with you. Up next is my awesome friend, Steph. We became friends in high school physics class. She has beautiful hair, a winning personality, and more artistic talent than anyone I know. Here she shares some fun DIY projects for Christmas gifts. Enjoy!

Hello everyone! I'm Stephanie and I'm on a budget. haha I love giving gifts. I love finding things for everyone dear to me. This year, it can't happen. Its reality. Kinda sucks, but it forces me to get a little creative. Reading through my google reader helps with the inspiration. DIY. It always saves the day. Of course you have to set some time apart to get it all done nicely.

I recently made a book for a couple's wedding. It came out awesome. I'm really proud of it honestly. You can make one too! Here are some pics of the process. Here's a step by step on how to make another kind of book. Be warned...its a bit overwhelming, but if you've got the patience, do it.








Here are other DIY I found at Ruche blog. They look adorable and easy! 

These two images pretty much go hand in hand. You can make someone a snow globe! I'm pretty sure they'll love it. Who makes snowglobes??? Nobody, and for you to make one for them will make them feel special. 



This DIY is for making Votives or candleholders. Depending on which container you use. You can make a set of candleholders for a couple! They can use it for any occasion around the home, as a tablescape, etc. I'm in love with it. I'm planning on making some for New Year's! 

This final one is those of you (including myself) who plan on baking goods as gifts. I love cupcakes! Presentation is important. It's what makes a cupcake a gift instead of an everyday ordinary treat (i have cupcakes a lot haha). The ladies at Red Velvet had this great idea. They even included a little recipe! 

Hope you all have a great holiday! DIY it up! <3