four months

Four. Months. Old. For some reason that seems so old to me. Liam continues to amaze me with how much he is learning on a daily basis. Over the past couple of weeks he has rolled from belly to back several times and from back to belly twice. He's vocal as can be and sometimes his little screams are so loud! He loves to talk with his grandparents and tia on FaceTime. He's starting to actually stay awake on outings. I took him to the aquarium and he was fascinated with all the fish. He still loves bath time. He's starting to splash the water with his legs and laugh while doing it. He's not sleeping through the night, not even close! The longest he sleeps for is 3.5 hours, on a good night! And then he's pretty much up every two hours. So I am one tired mama.

He's a little drool monster, but I can't feel any teeth coming in yet. I don't think we're going to start solids with him just yet. I'm planning on waiting until he's six months but we'll see. If he's ready before then, we may start. Right now I just don't think he's ready. Besides, he gets everything he needs from his mommy milk. ;-)

Kristel Acevedo2 Comments