What I do all day...

The funniest question I get from people these days is, "What do you do all day?"
The question sounds a bit rude at first, but I'm honestly not offended. I would wonder the same thing if I were someone else looking at my life. My usual response is, "Whatever I want," but I thought I'd go into a bit more detail here.

The husband works all day at Apple, leaving me at home with our beloved pooch, Jaxon. We have a lazy morning, I take my time eating breakfast, showering, etc. I usually watch an episode of "DogTown," while getting dressed...Jaxon loves it. Then I have lunch (I'm hungry all the time...so I eat a lot throughout the day, gotta love pregnancy!). Then I get to work... I do actually have a job that I do from home. I make newsletters and displays for a company in Texas (where my parents both happen to work). So I'll check my e-mail, work on the latest newsletter, tweak whatever needs to be tweaked, and submit my work. I'm thankful for this job because I am able to bring in some income to help out our family.

I also read blogs. I'm definitely addicted. Lately I've been reading lots of "mommy blogs." It's fun to read about other women going through their pregnancies or talking about their young children. That's how I've learned so much about cloth diapering, natural childbirth, how to make baby food, etc etc. Blogs are an invaluable resource. Today I was reading a blogpost by Melissa from Dear Baby (One of the best mommy blogs! I highly recommend it) about natural childbirth that I found to be so encouraging. If you're an expectant mama you should read it. I've also been reading about different baby carriers on the Prayer of Hannah blog. Alex and I definitely want to carry our baby as much as possible (mostly because strollers seem to be a real pain, and there are a lot of benefits to baby-wearing that maybe I'll get into later). So it's been good to learn about the different types of carriers and what real mamas think of them. That's just a bit of what I've been learning from the blog world lately.

Jaxon and I usually take a long walk to the park in the afternoon. It's fun to get a bit of exercise and get outside instead of being cooped up all day. I can't wait until the weather really warms up so I can enjoy our walks even more. Some days I'll squeeze in some prenatal yoga into my exercise routine as well. I've never been very active, but I always liked pilates/yoga because it's slow-paced and it just suits me. I thought I'd give this prenatal yoga DVD a shot and I really like it. Besides helping my flexibility it really helps me to relax and focus on my baby for that one hour.

Some days I'm able to meet up with friends. Mostly everyone I know works fulltime, so it's not always an option, but it's nice when I can get a chance to spend time with someone else for a little while. I mean, I love Jaxon, but he's not much of a conversationalist.

I also do chores...laundry, cleaning, dishes, etc etc. You know, all the glamourous things that everyone loves doing around the house. I haven't mastered cooking yet, but I try...sometimes.

I'm not gonna lie, the rest of my day is filled with netflix movies and listening to music. I love love love that we have a netflix account now and the instant play feature is awesome. Yesterday I watched a powerful documentary called "Dear Zacahry." I cried like a baby. I can't even describe it or tell you much about it because I don't want to give anything away. It's just a powerful and moving story that you have to see for yourself. You should hurry too because they're going to remove it from instant play soon.

The best part of my day is when Alex comes home. Jaxon gets so excited to see him and I'm just relieved to have my best friend back. I love him.

So that's what I do in a nutshell. It may seem boring or useless to other people looking in, but I'm actually really thankful for this slow-paced season in my life. With a baby on the way I'm sure life will never be this easy-going ever again. I'm glad that I have the time to rest up and really prepare for Baby Ace; emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally. I'm blessed and I really have no complaints about this life.

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