Week 16

It's hard to believe I'm four months pregnant already! Where does the time go?
I have to say that I am really loving being pregnant. I've been blessed with an easy pregnancy. No morning sickness, not very many annoying symptoms. The biggest thing I've been dealing with lately is lower back pain, especially on my left side. I've been experiencing it for a while, but it's gotten much worse over the past couple of weeks. I'm thinking I'll give my midwife a call if it persists. For now, I have my eye on one of those nifty "birthing balls." I'll probably purchase one soon.

For this week's picture we headed down to 16th Street Mall. It's an outdoor pedestrian mall just over a mile long that runs along 16th street. It's filled with restaurants and shops. If you're from Miami, think Lincoln Road. I love going down there because it's always filled with people and there's always something interesting going on. We took Jaxon with us this time so he gets to make a cameo appearance in this week's photo. I think he's going to make an excellent big "brother" to Baby Ace.

I'm wearing a loose-fitting top so it's hard to see any belly action, but it's there. I kind of love it because it's a tangible reminder of our baby and I know he or she is growing and safe in there. 

Kristel Acevedo4 Comments