Snow Walking

Denver has fickle weather. Just a few days ago the sun was shining and the high was in the low 60s. Gorgeous! I was laughing at all the people who said I would never survive Denver winters. It felt more like spring than winter.

But started snowing, I mean, really snowing and temperatures dropped to the negative. I have to admit that when it gets that cold I don't even bother stepping foot outside (thankfully I don't have a job I need to go to). I wrapped myself up in blankets and watched movies with Jaxon. Yesterday, however, Alex encouraged me to take Jaxon for a walk in the afternoon. I have to admit, I was going a little stir crazy...and I'm sure Jaxon was tired of napping all day. So I put on layer upon layer of clothing and headed outdoors for a walk in the snow.

It wasn't so bad, especially because the sun was bright and shining...but do not be fooled, any part of my skin that was exposed was feeling the pain of the zero degree temperature. I'm verrry thankful for warm coats and the Sorel boots my parents bought me as an early Valentine's Day present.

All photos shot with my iPhone and edited with should download this's the best.

Kristel Acevedo3 Comments