Boy or Girl?

We finally have a date for when we will find out if Baby Ace is a boy or girl!

On Thursday, March 24th at 9:30 AM we have an appointment to find out if we will have a little Izzy or a little Liam. Yup, those are the names. If it's a girl she will be named Isabel Carmen Acevedo. If it's a boy he will be named Liam Alexander Acevedo.

How did we come up with those names? I just fell in love with the name Isabel. It's cute and sweet and can be said easily in English or Spanish. I also kind of like that it carries on the 'bel' in our family (my mom is Kristabel and my sister is Danibel). Carmen is my grandmother's name as well as Alex's great-grandmother's name. I like that we can honor these two amazing women with this name. It was much more difficult to come up with a boy's name. We knew his middle name would be Alexander, after his handsome daddy. We searched and searched for a good first name for weeks and weeks and finally settled on Liam. It's short and simple, not too common, but not too weird either. Now that we have names picked out for either gender I can't wait to find out! I almost wish we were having one of each just so we could use both names, but I'm sure there's only one in there. I guess this means we'll have to try for another one after Baby Ace #1 arrives. ;-)

So what are your predictions??? Boy or girl? Izzy or Liam? Take your pick and in two weeks we'll find out who was right!

Baby Ace says Hello!