Hiking in Boulder

This week we are hosting some UNC and NCState students that are planning to move to Denver and join Summit Church after they graduate in May. It's been such a fun week and I'm really going to miss everyone after they've gone home this weekend. Can't wait until next summer when they're all back for good!

Yesterday we decided to take the students up to Boulder and do some hiking. Let me just say, I did NOT know hiking was so difficult! I really had to pace myself because I didn't want to stress out my body or Baby Ace. But the hike was worth it because the view was breath-taking. And I'm glad that the walk down was not nearly as difficult as the walk up. I would really love to go hiking again, but I might have to wait until Baby Ace is out with us because I'm not sure I could handle that hike again. Also, I would really need some proper shoes because my Converse sneakers were failing me!

Jaxon did so well! I'm proud of my little pup. We'll have to take him out an many more outdoorsy adventures. It's safe to say that the Acevedos love life in Colorado.