Jaxon & Penny: A Love Story

Okay, maybe "A Love Story" is overstating it, but it's definitely a whirlwind tale of lost friendship and redemption. You see, Penny is Bryan and Megan's chocolate lab. She's a spunky dog who loves to play. Jaxon is a grumpy old man, but sweet nonetheless. The first time they met, things did not go as planned. Let's just say Jaxon attacked Penny (a dog three times his size!) and Penny cowered in the corner. From then on whenever they got close to each other Jaxon would lunge, bark, and growl. And Penny would try to stay as far away from him as possible. It was sad. It seriously broke my heart. The Barleys are great friends to us and I wanted our pups to get along too. I didn't like the idea of one of the pups having to stay home on outings because they couldn't get along.

Well, I think there must be something in the air in Denver because this week all our wildest dreams came true. We took Jaxon and Penny for a walk at Wash Park and it went wonderfully. I couldn't believe it. They sniffed each other upon meeting and then we walked around the lake with no problems. We found a field and let them off leash to run around and get some energy out.

This may not seem like a big deal to many but my heart is so happy at this change of circumstances. Jaxon and Penny are friends now...hallelujah!

Kristel AcevedoComment