Week 19

Week 19! Only one more week and we find out if Baby Ace is a boy or girl. I am beyond excited to finally know so I can call this little baby by his/her real name. We have a great day planned for when we find out but I'll blog about that when it happens.

This week I started feeling little baby flutters. I was sitting on the couch watching TV and I felt little pops in my belly. I thought it might be gas (hah) but I decided it wasn't gas because, well, I wasn't farting. ;-) I've been feeling it at random times of the day every day since then so I figure it's definitely Baby Ace showing off some ninja moves. The other day I even started crying when I was describing it to Alex (pregnancy hormones!).

We couldn't figure out where to take this week's photo so we just parked the car and started walking down 19th Street until we found something interesting. We passed what looks like an old fire station but is now an architecture firm. I liked the colors, firefighters are cool, and my parents are both architects so we took the picture in front of that building. I love that so many old buildings in this city have been repurposed into new businesses but have retained their charm and historical authenticity. By the way, the weather has been gorgeous in Denver lately! I'm in love with these sunny cool temps. Almost as much as I'm in love with this baby.

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