Belly Buddy - Tati

I know so many people who are expecting right now. It seems almost every day I learn that someone else is pregnant too. It's hard to believe that we're all old enough to even be having babies. Really, when did that happen?! But it's so much fun to have all these belly buddies to compare notes with. One very special belly buddy is my friend, Tati. I've known this girl since 10th grade and she's always been an amazing friend to me. She's kind and patient and loyal and trusting. There have been times where I have been a total brat to her and she remains one of my closest and most faithful friends. We graduated high school together, went to the same college, attended the same church, walked in each other's weddings, and now we're both having babies in the summer! Her due date is at the end of July and mine is at the beginning of August. AND we're both having little boys. It would only be more perfect if we were living in the same city still, but I know that even if we're far apart I can always count on her and our boys will be great friends.

It's also her birthday today so be sure to wish her a good one!

Check out some of her hot mama photos: