Week 20

What a huge week!
20 weeks marks the halfway point of the pregnancy, we found out we are having a boy, and we registered for gifts for Little Liam.

I'm so happy to be halfway done with this pregnancy (assuming baby is born at 40 weeks). I just can't believe that we're already here. But now that we know we're having a boy I just want the next 20 weeks to fly by! I can't wait to meet my little man. I went to Macy's yesterday to get a little something for him, courtesy of a gift card we received a while back. He's going to be rocking in his little onesie with guitars all over it.

On Thursday after our ultrasound (by the way, it was so awesome to see him moving around in there, hiding his face with his little arms, so cute!) we went to Target to register for some gifts. I know it seems early to start a registry but I'm excited and I thought I should go ahead and get it out of the way now...especially with my Miami baby shower coming up mid-May. We decided on two registries, one on amazon and the other at Target. Seeing as we live far away from so many loved ones I thought it would be easier to put the bulk of our registry items on amazon, that way people can shop online and have the gifts shipped directly to our home. And then we used Target for a lot of the cute, less bulky items. Plus, I'm pretty sure my grandma doesn't know how to shop on amazon, so for her and all the other people that like to keep it old school, there's Target.

Oh, and this week Alex felt Liam kick him twice! You should've seen the look on Alex's face. Liam is still not very active. I feel him move off and on throughout the day but his little movements aren't visible on the outside for the most part. So it was really awesome that Alex was able to feel him those two times. I know as time goes on his little kicks and jabs will get stronger and Alex will be able to feel him all the time. I'm waiting for the day Jaxon gets to feel/see the baby kick. I wonder if he'll freak out. Hah.

For this week's photo we went down to Coors Field, right off of 20th street. This is where the Rockies play. I'm not much of a baseball fan but I think it's fun going to see sports games live. And I think Liam will have fun coming to see some games too. :-)

The Belly Series