Raising a Man

I have to admit that I never imagined myself as being the mother to a boy. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I only have sisters. Or maybe it's because I love all things girly...cute clothes, flowers, pretty colors. Or maybe it's because I always saw boys as rambunctious and out of control. I just always saw myself as the mother to a cute dainty little girl...and who knows, maybe some day I will be...but for now I am a mama-to-be to a little boy. How am I even going to be able to raise a boy? Is raising a boy very different from raising a girl? I feel like it is, but what do I know? I've never been a parent before. All I know is...this is a huge responsibility. I mean, raising any kid, boy or girl, is a huge responsibility, but I can't help but feel an extra weight on my shoulders knowing that I will soon have a son.

I want my son to be different from so many boys and men I see around me. I want him to respect women (not think that they are inferior or objects to ogle at). I want him to work and study hard (not be a slacker who plays video games all day). I want him to be a leader (not a follower). I want him to love God and worship Him (not worship himself or other idols). I want him to grow up and be a man, a real man. And I'm not sure I know how to help him develop into that.

Thankfully I am not alone in raising this Little Man. I have an amazing husband who is so excited about being a father. He is ready to step up to the plate and teach our son to be make godly choices. He is ready to be an example and humbly show him the way he should go. And we have the Lord to help us. We can pray for wisdom and guidance, and He will answer us. We also have great parents who can give us advice along the way. And we have a church that will help us, godly men and women that will help teach Liam how to be a godly man as well.

So yeah, I'm a little nervous, but I also have assurance that everything will be okay. I'm not sure how this crazy ride is going to turn out, but I know I'm not alone and I know that Liam is more loved already than he could ever imagine.

My view when I look down, Liam is growing!