Denver Zoo Free Day

A couple weeks ago Denver Zoo had a free day. Alex and I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to check it out. I love going to the zoo. I missed my chance to visit the one in North Carolina, so I couldn't skip out on this one, especially since it's literally a five minute drive from our house.

I loved it. The weather was gorgeous and the zoo is pretty big. You could spend a good amount of time there if you wanted to see everything. The only down side was the amount of people! We didn't think that everyone in town would be taking advantage of the free day. We quickly grew tired of the crowds of people and we ended up leaving sooner than expected.

But that's okay because tickets aren't really all that expensive and I'll gladly pay the price of a ticket to go back and see all the animals again. Overall it was a fun experience and I can't wait to go back.