Week 22

Hello Week 22!
This week I had another midwife appointment. It went great. We got to hear Liam's heart beat again, holding steady at 140. I now weigh 124 pounds, meaning I've gained a total of 13 pounds so far. All my blood tests came back negative, so baby and I are healthy as can be so far. It sounds like everything is on track with this pregnancy, thank God. Yesterday we were able to take a tour of the hospital I will be delivering at. We got to check out the labor rooms, nursery, post-delivery rooms, etc. The lady giving the tour was really nice and answered all our questions. I even tested her with some of my requests that I've talked over with the midwife and she seemed all for what I wanted to do at my delivery. She even mentioned that there are some nurses on the floor who are more geared towards unmedicated childbirth and I could request those nurses. I'm really excited about delivering at this hospital.

For this week's picture we were a bit stumped on where to go...until we saw this Argentinian pizza place on 22nd Street, close to Coors Field. My sister's husband is Argentinian (as is my aunt's husband) so we thought if we took a picture here it might tempt them to come out and visit. ;-) Maybe Manolo can let us know if this Argentinian pizza is the real deal or not. We'll be waiting...