A Place for Baby to Sleep

I was talking to my friend, Tati, on the phone today and she mentioned I hadn't sent her a picture of Liam's crib yet...so I thought I'd write a quick blogpost.

Since way before we even thought about having babies I fell in love with Jenny Lind cribs. I think they're adorable. I love the vintage simplicity that these cribs have. I especially love the white ones, though I've seen people paint them in all kinds of vibrant colors and I love that look as well. When we created our baby registry on amazon I immediately put a white Jenny Lind crib on it. Unfortunately it was soon out of stock. I searched all over the internet for this crib and could not find one anywhere. Every single store was out of stock. So I turned to Craig's List and found one for $60! I confirmed that the crib was in good condition and not recalled. Everything checked out so Alex and I made the drive to pick up our baby's crib. We (and by we I mean Alex, I just watched) put it together the very next day and I just love it.

Since the baby's room is downstairs and ours is upstairs I also wanted to have a bassinet in our room for the first few months of Liam's life. No one wants to trudge up and down stairs all night to feed and comfort a crying baby. But have you seen the bassinets out there?? No offense to anyone, but I'm not a fan of the frilly bassinets. It's just not my aesthetic, especially for a boy. So again I searched and searched and found some great options...but most of these mod-looking bassinets are expensive. I did finally find one that I liked and that didn't have too hefty of a price tag, so I put it on our registry. Well, my amazing sister bought the bassinet and had it shipped to us. We (again, Alex) put it together last night and I love it! It's really cute and will fit nicely next to our bed. 

I'm hoping Liam loves these pieces as much as I do. I know one couple whose baby would only sleep in the car seat for a while so I guess we'll see how picky Little Liam is.