Week 23

Another week gone by in this pregnancy and I'm so excited to get closer and closer to the day we meet Liam. I can't believe that in just about a month I'll be entering into my third trimester! Liam is definitely getting stronger everyday because this week I started seeing his kicks on the outside of my belly. It's crazy! He's most active during the day while Alex is at work so I was getting frustrated that Alex hadn't seen the kicks yet, but one night this week he finally saw! He took a short video to send to our family. It's not very noticeable right now but I'm sure in the coming weeks his kicks will get bigger and bigger. It really is crazy to see something poking out of your belly. In fact, he poking about in there right now!

For this week's photo we went down 23rd Ave to get to the Denver Zoo. We've been once on a free day, but I want to go back when there aren't so many people there. They have so many animals and it really is a fun little day outing. And I love that it's literally five minutes from our front door. I'm thinking Liam will love coming to see all the animals.