DIY Cloud Rugs

I saw this really neat tutorial to make your own cloud rugs out of faux fur fabric and fell in love! It looked really easy to make so I decided I would give it a shot.

I went to Joann's Fabrics for the first time in my life this morning and bought some fabric (about a yard and a half). Then I headed to Shannon's house because she's my DIY friend here. ;-) I pretty much followed the tutorial word for word except I didn't use any fray-check. The lady at the store said I wouldn't need it. She suggested I just stick the rugs in the dryer (after cutting out the shapes) to get rid of some of the excess fur. They're in the dryer right now and hopefully they won't be ruined when I take them out. ::fingers crossed::

Here are a few photos Shannon took with her phone...notice the faux fur was everywhere!

Can't wait to put these in Liam's room. I have a few other little art projects I'm working on too. I'll share along the way and when it's all done I'll do a nursery tour. Fun times.