some nursery diy

I've read on a lot of different blogs that for some reason mamas-to-be all of the sudden become crafty. Something about creating a human makes you think you can create other things as well. I've always enjoyed crafting but lately I've been feeling extra-inspired. My skills are nowhere near the level I would like them to be. I have much to learn but it's still fun even when the crafts don't turn out perfectly.

I've made two easy little crafts for Liam's room this week. The first is a little birthday calendar painting. I had an old calendar from the Red Velvet Art shop. These girls are sooo talented. I kept the calendar because I'm wanting to cut out some of the prints and frame them. As I was cutting out the prints I decided to take some of the calendar parts and put them on a painted canvas. When Liam arrives I'll circle the exact date that he was born.

Again, it's not perfect looking but I like that I made it especially for my boy. 

The second craft I saw this morning on the hostess with the mostess blog. I thought it was really neat so while I was at Michael's I picked up the supplies needed. It's a chalkboard embroidery hoop! I'm not gonna lie, this one was tough to make. They made it look so easy on the blog but I had a rough time. In the end, though, I'm pretty pleased with the result. 

I think it'll be fun to write little notes on it and let Liam play with it when he's older.

So those are just of the few little projects I've been working on. There's more to come. I'm excited to make Liam's room extra special. It makes me so anxious that I can't have the room all ready to go! But we have a few months to go so I need to just relax. ;-)

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