Christ is Risen...

...and my soul knows sweet salvation!

Today is Easter Sunday. It's our first in Denver and so far it's been great. We watched the Mars Hill Church Easter celebration service that they broadcasted live on their website. It was absolutely phenomenal. I'm really thankful for the ministry at Mars Hill. I loved seeing all those people get baptized at the end of the service. I always get a little teary when I see people getting baptized. It's just amazing.

In a little bit we'll head over to City Park for a little kickball game with some of Alex's co-workers. Unfortunately the day is gray and cloudy and not warm at all...but that's okay, I'm sure it'll still be fun, as long as the rain stays away!

And in the evening we will celebrate our first Easter with the Summit Church Denver. I'm excited to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord with our church family. I'm sure the service will be amazing as well as the potluck dinner afterwards. Yum.

Happy Easter to all!

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