Spring Gardening

Spring is here! Nevermind that it snowed just a few days ago...we've had some beautiful days here in Denver so Alex and I are turning our attention to the outside of our home. Alex has some big plans for our yard. He wants to lay some sod down and put a fence up so that Jaxon can run free. We'd also like to get a grill. I'd be happy with just a cheap little charcoal grill so we can have some BBQ's on warm summer nights. We'll see how far we can stretch our dollar.

Anyway, I decided I wanted to plant some flowers to beautify our front porch so we went to Home Depot to get some supplies. I've never planted flowers before in my life and didn't really know what I was doing but I thought it would be fun. Say hello to my mums:

Jaxon was so cute looking from the window:

Here's hoping my mums don't die!