Brooke Fraser

As I mentioned in my previous post, Alex and I were able to see Brooke Fraser live at the Bluebird Theater along with a couple friends. It was such a great concert! I believe it's our first show here in Denver and I do love a good show. There's just something very special about live music. In fact, I hope Liam likes live music as much as we do because I'm determined to get him these so we can bring him along with us while we enjoy our favorite bands.

Anyway, I really enjoyed seeing Brooke Fraser live. I haven't been a fan for very long but when I finally got around to giving her music a listen I fell in love. Her voice is phenomenal and it sounds just as great in person as it does on her records. Plus, she's hilarious. Admittedly I could not always understand her accent (she's from New Zealand) but her personality and sense of humor are so quirky and lovable. I'm really happy Alex and I were able to get out and see her.