Week 28

Third Trimester!
I can't believe how fast the time is going. I'm already in the final trimester of this pregnancy. Before we know it, our Little Man will be out in the world with us. It's an exciting yet somewhat stressful thought. I don't feel at all prepared. We have a crib and a dresser that's still being worked on...and a few other things...but man, I just really need to get organized and make sure we have all those newborn essentials.

This week has been great. We were in Miami for the big baby shower weekend. I'll write a separate post with pictures and everything but for now let me just say that I had an amazing time. I have the best family and the best friends in the universe. Liam is so blessed.

Okay, so we cheated with the location for this week's belly photo. I know we're supposed to go to 28th street in Denver but while we were at the beach yesterday we couldn't help ourselves. We had such a wonderful time in Miami and the beach is so beautiful that we decided to take the Week 28 photo there. Who knows when we'll be able to go to the beach again, so I hope Liam enjoyed his first time there. ;-)