Week 29

The closer we get to Week 40 the more I freak out. On the one hand I can't wait to meet my Little Man...on the other hand, I feel sooo unprepared. We really need to get organized. I'm hoping over the next few weekends we can finish fixing up the dresser and get all his clothes and crib bedding ready.

As for how the pregnancy is going, I guess I can't really complain. I'm not sleeping as well as I used to. But hey, that's pregnancy. My pelvic pain is probably here to stay but I just need to do stretches to help me in that department. God has truly blessed us with this pregnancy and I'm glad it's been smooth sailing so far.

This week we went to Fuller Dog Park on 29th Ave. Jaxon just loves going to the dog park. It's so cute to see him running around with the other dogs. We always say he's like the Patrol Dog because whenever some dogs are rough housing he has to go check it out and bark at them...and as soon as they stop he trots away all proud of himself for "breaking up the fight." Hah. I love our pup. We usually take him to Josephine Dog Park, it's a bit further away but we just like it more. Fuller works in a pinch though.

By the way, maxi dresses are the best invention of life! I was hesitant to try this trend out but Alex kept insisting I get one, so I finally picked this one up at Macy's. SO comfy. It really is the perfect pregnancy dress. I feel like such a hippie mom wearing it, hah, but I love it.