Three Years

Alex and I are celebrating three years of marriage today.

I was thinking that three years doesn't sound like a very long time at all. But in those three years we've done so much.

All this in just three short years. I'm so blessed to experience life with this amazing man. Since we first met (at just 15 years old!) I have seen him grow and mature into the God-fearing, hard-working, loving, kind, gentle, strong man that he is today. When I first laid eyes on him in high school, I would never have dated him. When we met again after high school and started dating (we were 20 years old!) I could see the potential in him. And when he asked me to marry him (we were 22 years old!) I knew that he was the one for me...and I'm glad that he saw the potential in me and decided I was the one for him. Life together just keeps getting better and better. 

Happy Anniversary!