birthing classes?

The time when Liam will make his appearance in the world is getting closer and closer! Since I'm hoping for an unmedicated childbirth experience I thought it would be wise to take a birthing class (especially with this being my first one!). I checked on some options and finally settled on a class that is offered by our hospital that specializes in natural pain coping strategies (we start June 2nd!). I originally wanted to do a Bradley Method class or maybe a Hypnobirthing class, but they're just too expensive for us. So I'm hoping that this class will give us some basics and maybe we can read books on more specific methods to help us out.

I know you can't exactly plan out your birth and any number of unexpected things can happen...and I'm okay with that. I'm okay with not having a specific birth plan and being flexible. But I believe in my body and I believe that it is capable of birthing a child without the use of medical interventions. So I wanted to ask any mamas out there what advice you have? Did you find a specific method helpful for you? Did you just take bits and pieces of different methods to help you cope with the pain? Help me out, mamas! And thanks in advance. :-)