Denver Art

We had an empty wall in our dining room that I've been wondering what to do with. I'm not a fan of empty walls. I like displaying photos and art all over the house. Alex and I finally decided on a "Denver-themed" wall. It started with one of my friend's pieces for one of her art classes. Steph is so talented. I love all her work. She dabbles in a little bit of everything and recently opened up her own little shop selling headbands. Check it out! Anyway, I know this piece isn't about Denver in particular but the mountains reminded me of the Rockies, so I'm saying that it's Denver art. :-) Then I found a really neat print on Etsy displaying a map of all the neighborhoods in Denver. I love the typography and the different colors the print comes in. It makes me happy.

I love the start of our Denver art wall. We may add to it the future, but I think it looks great for now.