Happy Father's Day!

I have been blessed with one amazing dad. He's always been there and I know he always will be. He loves his daughters with a fierce love. He's taught me a lot...and in many ways I am just like him. 

He's a deep thinker...he's the type of man who chooses his words carefully...he loves music and reading and Star Wars. He's a writer. He loves writing, it's his passion. He's on a constant pursuit of knowledge. He never grows tired of being a student. He enjoys cooking and will call up my grandma for cooking advice. He loves his family deeply. He's a loyal son and brother. He plays the guitar and sings. My favorite is when he sings "Woman" by John Lennon or old Nicaraguan songs. I really feel his love for me. It's not just something he says and I acknowledge. I know it's true. I know he loves me and it's a great feeling. 

Thank you, Papi, for everything. Thank you for always being there for me and Alex. Thank you for doing our taxes and answering all my finance questions. Thank you for little packages that you send in the mail. Thank you for writing poetry. Thank you for singing songs. Thank you for making breakfasts. Thank you for loving me and being a great dad. Happy Father's Day! Love you!

Riding on my Papi's shoulders when I was just a little one. 

My dad with his three daughters and adorable grandson, Aiden.