Week 32

We're getting closer! This week I felt Liam hiccuping on three separate occasions. It's the cutest thing I've ever felt him do. I could just imagine his tiny little self in my belly hiccuping away. Alex was able to feel it once and he laughed. Little things like this make it all more real in my head...which makes it's just slightly more scary too. I just don't know what "Mama Kristel" is like. I mean, I'm not really worried about it. I know I'll be fine. I know I'll love my child and mother him to the best of my ability. And I know a lot of it will come naturally. But I can't help but feel...old? I'm not sure if that's the exact word I'm looking for. It's just that whenever I imagine a mom, I picture someone much older and wiser than myself. And I still feel young and immature. I don't know. These are just the random thoughts that go through my head. All I can really do is pray for God to prepare me as much as possible...and I'll learn from experience along the way.

This week we headed to Happy Cakes on 32nd ave in the Highlands. First, let me say that I love 32nd ave! This street is lined with the cutest shops and restaurants...like this cute place to eat, or this amazing baby store. It's such a fun place. When we went to go take my picture they had this street fair going on. We didn't even realize it was happening. I'm glad we were able to enjoy it and check out all the vendors. I think it's safe to say that I love the Highlands...I wouldn't mind moving to this Denver neighborhood someday. Back to the photo...my favorite destination on 32nd ave is Happy Cakes. I have a sweet tooth and pregnancy has only made it sweeter. I love ice cream, donuts, brownies, and I love cupcakes. (Don't worry, mom, I don't indulge in all these sweets on a regular basis, I stick to fruit most of the time) I think the cupcakes at Happy Cakes are the perfect size with a good amount of icing (I'm a little picky about my cake to icing ratio). And if you're not into cupcakes check out their menu for all their other goodies.